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Nasty people...

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This should be required reading for all Human Resource departments...  From CIO Insight:  Nasty People

We've all worked with or for nasty people.  Fortunately, my last two employment situations have been "nasty-free" zones, and a pleasure to work at.  Enron Broadband, however...  That's a different story.  While there were some brilliant people who worked there, there were also some absolute emotional nasties that terrorized the place.  Managers and directors who would yell and rant at staff in open door offices for things beyond their control.  Project managers who threw hissy fits if they didn't get their own way, no matter how unfeasible or unreasonable their request was.  People who felt that burning out staff was a badge of honor.  The longer I examine that situation, the more unhealthy I realize it was.

There is sometimes payback, however...  Recently I was asked about a person I had known of in a prior employment life (I'll hide the details here).  It wasn't a reference or anything, but more of a "do you know this person?" question.  They were a major nasty, and I was able to relate that information to the inquiree.  While they were probably qualified for the job, the employer was more concerned about the fit with the group.  Needless to say, that was probably a death blow to that job opportunity.  It was a vivid reminder to me that in this area and industry, burning bridges and staff can bite you hard down the road...


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