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Some interesting Linux desktop links...

Category Linux

From Silicon.com...  Oracle To Be Linux Shop By End Of Year

From Salt Lake Tribune...  Symantec Using Linux Software, Says CEO

From PC World...  Will Your Next Desktop PC Run Linux?

This goes back to a view I expressed earlier in the year...  I think the Linux desktop is gaining traction, and I don't see it being too far away where Linux at the desktop will be a viable alternative to Windows.  The trend that I'm finding encouraging is that major tech firms are starting to consider Linux desktops.  Getting Bob's Consulting Company to move to Linux is nice, but that's too small to register on anyone's scale.  Getting a company of 500 people to move to Linux is interesting, but still not a driving force.  But when you get major tech players (IBM, Oracle, Symantec) making the move, you now have clout.  800 pound gorillas start to stand up to the 1200 pound ape, and things aren't so certain any more...

I'm still waiting for a box from work so that I can set up a Linux desktop environment and start playing around.  My goal is to not ditch Microsoft, but to understand the pros and cons of open source, and to be a resource for our company should the discussion come up.


Gravatar Image1 - Why wait for a new PC? Just set up a virtual machine on your current desktop using VMWare or Virtual PC, and off you go. It's a heck of a lot cheaper and easier than building a separate box, and it's more convenient too (if you're just poking around).

- Julian

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