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Book Review - Cereal Killer by G. A. McKevett

Category Book Reviews

One of the benefits of mass transit and noontime workouts is that I get lots of reading time.  In the last couple of days, I finished Cereal Killer by G. A. McKevett.  This is part of a series (a Savannah Reid mystery), and I can see myself going back and getting caught up with this author.  A fun read...

Savannah is a private detective who used to be a cop.  Her former partner (Dirk) is still in the force, and they often collaborate on cases.  She's a southern belle who packs a few extra pounds and enjoys her food.  Dirk is a grump who shares her love of food and is always looking for a free meal.  In this episode, Dirk is called to investigate the death of a plus-size model who Savannah has admired.  It looks to be a case of heat stroke from too little food and unhealthy attempts at weight loss.  This is because she signed a contract to lose weight eating a particular breakfast cereal, and she's not where she needs to be.  Things then get a little suspious when another plus-size model with the same contract also dies in a hit-and-run accident that isn't what it seems.  Savannah goes undercover as a model to try and help Dirk crack the case.  And to add some subplot and color, Savannah's loud and man-crazy sister shows up from Georgia to meet a man she met over the internet, and then goes to pieces when the guy dumps her after the first night.

I'll admit a fondness for the female detective genre, but I was plesantly surprised with this one.  The characters are colorful, and all of the main players have flaws that make them less than perfect but oh so real.  I loved the interplay between Savannah and her sister, where southern speech patterns and sayings all come to the surface.  The story line strings you along and doesn't reveal the killers until the end.  The author also does a good job in examining some of the preconceptions about the size of a person and how it often is connected to their feelings of self-worth.

A light, enjoyable story , and extra special if you're just discovering this author.  Expect a few more reviews on her titles in the very near future.


Gravatar Image1 - this book was the best book i ever read even my mom liked it which is rare that we find a book we both love. i cant wait till i get the next one

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