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Barry Bonds and the steroid controversy...

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I'm not a huge baseball fan until the playoffs, but I do spend too much time watching ESPN and following sporting news.  And if you do that, you of course are aware of the BALCO trial and the possibility that Bonds was using steroids provided by his personal trainer.

Now, I am not so naive to think that since someone said they haven't used a substance, it must be the truth.  I think that Bonds has built in his "alibi" when he states that he never "knowingly" took illegal substances.  That gives him deniability if it turns out his prior samples test positive.

But here's what I'm *not* seeing reported currently.  Testing is now in place (not stringent, but it's there).  The focus is on the non-detectable designer steroids that may have been used before.  But Bonds is still as big as he was before.  He's still as strong as he was before.  And he's hit home runs in seven straight games.

Either he's still taking and masking the juice (unlikely with the increased scrutiny), he's taking but being protected by the league (highly unlikely unless you're into conspiracy theories), or maybe...  he really does work out hard, is really gifted, is legally supplementing, and has been telling the truth.

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