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So far, mostly good on the new cable internet setup...

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So far things are going relatively well on the cable internet front.  The installation guy arrived today at the promised time, which was good.  My plan had been to have them install the outlet upstairs, and we'd connect wireless from that machine.  But due to placement of the entry point to the house and the number of feeds we already have, it would have been messy.  The alternative (which I hadn't considered) was to hook the modem up to Cam's machine in the basement (near a cable outlet) and just run wireless on the upstairs box (and my laptop).  That worked out much better.

After the guy left, I installed the the Netgear router as recommended by Runtbert.  This is a wireless router with four ethernet ports to plug into.  At first, Cam's box was running *really* slow with the router providing the firewall services.  But after a couple of reboots, his response time seemed to pick up, and the Intel bandwidth check site showed him running between 2.7 and 3.0 MB.  I configured the WEP encryption and tried my Orinco Proxim wireless card.  But I couldn't seem to get over 48kb speed.  Not real good.  I went back to a wired connection to the router, and after a short while the speed started to pick up.  I was able to download both the ND7 server and client betas at the same time at just around 310 kb.  Pretty good.

Cam is upstairs right now trying to install the wireless PCI card into the upstairs machine.  We'll see how that goes.  Hopefully since that card is a Netgear product, it will produce decent speeds.  Once we get that connectivity going, then I can cancel our DSL and MSN accounts.


Gravatar Image1 - Dang, dude, I run 3 different wireless cards and they ALL get decent speeds. My speed right now (via DSLReports.com) is 1321 / 310 (1.3 megabit down, 310 kbit up). Considering that this is prime 'net time, that's not too bad.

Yesterday's test (wired, not wireless) when we were chatting was just under 3 megabit).

If you still have slow speeds tomorrow, give a shout and we can compare settings on the router.

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