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Book Review - Sleeping Beauty by Phillip Margolin

Category Book Reviews

I stayed up later than I should have last night finishing Phillip Margolin's latest novel, Sleeping Beauty.  Margolin is another one of my "must read" authors, and I look forward to each new novel from him.  And once again, I was not disappointed.

The author actually tells two stories by jumping between past and present, and allows them both to meet up at the end.  Ashley Spencer is a teenager who's father and best friend are murdered by a serial killer, and she narrowly escapes.  After it appears she is getting her life back on track, her mother is murdered by the same person.  That's the story that occurs in the past.  The current story is being told by a writer who's sister was put into a coma by the same attack that killed Ashley's mother.  He wrote the story as a tribute to his sister, and he's added some new chapters after the killer was captured five years after the attacks.  That is occurring in the present, and that's about as much of the plotline that I'll reveal here, as a number of twists and turns start happening that definitely keep you guessing as to the outcome of it all.

The writing is tight and emotional, and you get to know the characters very well without a loss of action.  He throws in a number of well-timed plot turns that alter the entire direction of the story and how you view the players.  I'll admit to a bias here as the writer is from Portland, Oregon and his stories all take place in the local area.  It's enjoyable to read stories where you can vividly put yourself at the exact location where the action is occurring.  

Great read, great story, and I highly recommend this one.


Gravatar Image1 - i liked it and i noticed that his job as a lawyer affected his writingEmoticon

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