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I need to keep remembering... I have an audience... :-)

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I had a cool but slightly sobering experience with my blog today.  I got a comment on my review of the book Mumbo Gumbo by Jerrilyn Farmer.  The comment was from the author herself!  She thanked me for the nice writeup, and we had a few email exchanges.

Now, it's cool that an author of a book you wrote about would take the time to comment about it.  But it was a little sobering to know that if I had trashed the book, she would have seen that too...  :-)

Hopefully the author of Understanding Disney won't stumble across this site...


Gravatar Image1 - Perhaps this is a sign that you should only rip on authors if they're dead????,

Gravatar Image2 - Rats. It would have been fun to debate Marxist analysis with you. You might have to remind me which side I was supposed to argue, since I used to have a shrine to Chairman Mao but I am sure I could argue either side with equally unbelievable arguments. I did go to Swarthmore after all, and they teach you that, if nothing else.

Gravatar Image3 - Ahh, you're slipping. I had such high hopes when you wrote that Understanding Disney review. At least, a plain old negative review. If you recall our conversations of a while back, it isn't worth reviewing things if you praise them all.

Gravatar Image4 - LOL!

Believe it or not, I actually thought about you and that conversation when I wrote the Disney book review. I really thought you'd be proud of me. I was also going to try and bait you by going off more on the Marxist analysis, but I didn't figure I could pull it off.

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