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Offshore Opt-out

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In Baseline Magazine:  Offshort Opt-Out

A few companies are starting to offer customers an opt-out option for offshore processing of their information.  If the customer opts to use onshore processing, their work may take longer or be more expensive.  It will be interesting to see if this gains any momentum in the marketplace.  It also should make for some interesting system changes to route processing based on a customer's preference.


Gravatar Image1 - I think the good thing is it forces people (and companies) to put their money where their mouths are. If people are genuinely happy to rely on foreign outsourcing, then it sends a message that while it threatens our industry, it's better for the economy as a whole, and the IT industry in any given country needs to deal with the effects and get on with it. Of course, if it *isn't* what customers want, or customers suffer because of it, then companies will get a very strong message about that too.

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