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I'm so disappointed... My Lotusphere 2004 bag just bit the dust!

Category Everything Else

I think of all the Lotusphere bags I've had over the years, the 2004 version was my favorite.  Nice backpack design, roomy padded slot for my laptop, lots of pouches and zippers to hide stuff, comfortable to wear, and not at all gaudy like the geeky yellow backpack of 2001.

But alas...  today I had to bid a sad farewell to a close friend.  One of the straps started to fray where it attaches to the base of the pack, and it finally worked all the way through to separation.  While I could just just use the remaining strap for my right shoulder, it really limits the usefulness.  And since it ripped out right at the base, there's nothing to sew it back onto.  

I really liked that backpack.  It was easy to travel with and held quite a bit (probably too much in retrospect).  The 2003 pack already ripped out before I left Lotusphere, so that one is out.  The yellow backpack is OK, but it doesn't ride very well on my back.  I'll have to see if I can dig out the pouch version that had the metal plate on it.  That one worked OK.



Gravatar Image1 - Ah... my roomie was too nice of a person to do that!

Gravatar Image2 - That's a pretty good innings I reckon. I had a Lotusfear Berlin bag (a 2000 vintage) which only lasted until day #2 of the conference itself. Two months is pretty good going I'd say

Gravatar Image3 - I think my Enron laptop backpack is one of the few Enron items I didn't put up for bid on eBay!

Gravatar Image4 - My bag had the same thing happen to it about 2 months ago. Fortunately, I bought another one. Can someone say RECALL?
I wonder who makes them...I'd consider buying another one, mostly for the same reasons you mentioned...

Gravatar Image5 - Maybe your roomy messed with your bag

Gravatar Image6 - Yo Duffbert, I've still got one or 2 Enron backpacks in great shape. For only a small precentage of the loot Skilling, Rice, Lay, et al stole, one of these collector item backpacks could be yours. ...Let the bidding begin.

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