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Hey, Prozac-bashers... get a life!

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Over the last few weeks, there has been a load of negative publicity about SSRI medications, such as Prozac.  Because some studies have shown an increased suicide link for people on those medications, there will now be warning labels on the bottles.  Doctors have said they overprescribe the medication to people who want to "feel happy".  And then there's this article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat:  Brain Decay: One Less Crutch For False Happiness.  

Now I'm sure this University of Arizona student got a good grade on her journalism paper.  But I'm betting she knows nothing of what it's like to suffer with depression.  Towards the end of the article, we have this:

When it comes to being down, many people choose to be depressed. Perhaps they’ve given up or they’re too pessimistic, but in many ways, they don’t want to be happy anymore. That brings the desire for false happiness that apparently only a crutch like antidepressants can give. But maybe the feeling that medication gives is only brought on by the acknowledgement that the person actually wants to be happy. Maybe it’s a momentary awareness that people can be happy on their own.

It’s time to reach for self-help books. Go on amazon.com, look up Iyanla Vanzant and do some “mental housekeeping.” Go for a run. Keep a diary. Even vegging out on the couch sounds like a better alternative to pill popping (depending on what’s on).

Let me tell you...  I've read a ton of self-help books, and they only go so far.  There are some people who are looking for an easy way out, sure.  But for others, there are real chemical imbalances which will affect their outlook no matter what they do.  And for those people, SSRI drugs can be lifesavers.  There's no amount of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" thinking that will help.  I know...  I've been there.  

So, to all the "Prozac is evil" people out there, I say to you...  get a life!  There are abuses, just like there are abuses with alcohol or painkillers.  And yes, the drug is not for everyone.  But just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean that you have to get it taken away for everyone else.  There are people out there for whom fluoxetine has opened a whole new world.


Gravatar Image1 - Wow! That article couldn't *be* more wrong. Morons, Tom, we're surrounded by morons! Long live the SSRIs...

Gravatar Image2 - Drugs aren't evil or good. They can't be since they aren't living things. But drug companies and doctors that push these drugs on people are. I never had the effects of the drug explained to me before I was put on it. I was on it for 2 months and it made my anxiety much worse. I have been off of it for almost two years now and still have sexual problems that haven't gone away.

I agree Prozac isn't evil, it helps some people, but it has completely screwed over others because no one bothered to consider the consequences of putting people on it before handing prescriptions out so often.

Gravatar Image3 - I don't know what kind of doctor you have, Mike, but it sounds like you need a new one. I've never had a doctor push SSRIs on me, I've always had to fight for them. And since my wife's a doc, I know that they are QUITE well aware of ALL of the drawbacks. The drug companies are a different matter entirely - they're just trying to make money, so they'll say anything to convince you to take their pills.

If your sexual problems are still there two years after you stopped taking the pills, you need to stop blaming the pills for them. The pills were entirely out of your system in less than 90 days. Sexual issues are self fulfilling prophecies, though, so you're going to have to deal with them. Sounds like a counseling session is in your future, if you aren't already in treatment.

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