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Ok... what am I doing wrong here?

Category Software Development

I am trying to code a formula for a smarticon.  This formula will add a signature to an email starting wherever the cursor is currently placed.  So far, no problem.  The twist is that I may want to click the button again in order to pick up a different tag line in the array.  I'd like the formula to be smart enough to wipe out the old signature and replace it with a new one...

Here's the formula I have so far (and the code COULD use some cleanup, but I've been trying a lot of different things to no avail):

REM {Insert as many signature tag lines as you'd like};
TagLine := ("Funny Tag Line #1":
"Funny Tag Line #2":
"Funny Tag Line #3");

REM {Store the number of tags you are using, along with the number of @NewLine commands in your signature};
NumberOfTagLines := 3;
NumberOfNewLines := 9;

REM {Get the environment variable of the next tagline to use, or set it to one if it's never been set before};
NumberNextTag := @Environment(sigLastTagUsed);
NumberNextTag := @If(NumberNextTag = "";1;@TextToNumber(NumberNextTag));

REM {Increment the value by 1, or reset it to 1 if you've reached the end of your tags.  Store it, too.};
NumberNextTagPlus1 := @If((NumberNextTag + 1) > NumberOfTagLines;1;NumberNextTag + 1);

REM {Remove the old signature before writing the new one.  This will be blank the first time through...};

REM {Pick the next tag to use, build the signature field, and place it in the Body field};
ChosenTag := TagLine[NumberNextTag];
FIELD Signature := "";
FIELD Signature := Signature + @NewLine + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + "___________________________" + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + @Name([CN]; @UserName) + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + "Your company name goes here" + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + "Your email address goes here" + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + "Your phone number goes here" + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + @Name([Address821]; @UserName) + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + ChosenTag + @NewLine;
FIELD Signature := Signature + "";

REM {Now reposition the cursor back at the top of the signature so that it can be run over again if necessary};
@For(loopCtr:= 1; loopCtr <= NumberOfNewLines; loopCtr := loopCtr + 1;

The problem I have is that the Signature field doesn't seem to be accessible.  It inserts with no problem, but I can't display it in a prompt statement.  When I check the document fields after clicking the icon, the Signature field is out there in the document.  I seem to be so close, but I'm tripping over something...

Any hints?


Gravatar Image1 - Just a hunch. Not sure if this is right. Maybe save the document before trying to query a value from a field??

Gravatar Image2 - check the order of execution for @Macro language.... (hint @Command and @For and sets ( ":=" ) )

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