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For all you Lotuspherians... Here's when registration opens up...

Category IBM/Lotus

...sigh...  I don't get to go this year...  bummer!


Registration for the eleventh consecutive Lotusphere will be open as of Tuesday, September 30, 2003.  Lotusphere 2004 will once again be held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., from January 25 - 29, 2004, and will feature current and future IBM Lotus software products and solutions. For customers and partners, Lotusphere is an opportunity to meet face to face with Lotus technology experts and obtain an exclusive look at new products.

Lotusphere 2004 will highlight Lotus' continued leadership position in human interaction and collaboration while expanding upon its Lotus Workplace initiative and strategy. By showcasing IBM's industry-leading software products, the conference will give attendees clear insight into the ways Lotus' Workplace initiative streamlines employee access to business-critical information and integrates people and business processes for improved responsiveness and productivity.

We expect thousands and thousands of customers, business partners, prospects and press to attend again this year.  Lotusphere 2004 is the premier event where we will define key messages and establish momentum for 2004.  This year's conference will include 20 pre-conference JumpStart sessions and 150 breakout sessions, special industry keynote sessions, a product showcase, informal interactive Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, certification training and testing, and other special events.

In an effort to make Lotusphere as affordable as possible for our customers and partners, a special registration price of $1395 is being offered for those registering from now until December 2, 2003.  Beginning December 3, the registration fee will be $1,695.  Additionally, companies registering five attendees at once, will receive a complimentary registration for a sixth attendee. For additional details visit www.lotus.com/lotusphere.


Gravatar Image1 - Not to worry Tom. Now that I have gone back to being a freelance Domino consultant/administrator, I wont manage LS2004 too!

However, if anyone wants to sponsor me to go to Lotusphere 2004 on their behalf and do some presentations/write-ups upon my return, I would be more than willing to sacrifice the time, effort & energy to do so!

Oh look .... there's a flying pig ..... lol

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