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Finished up Seizure by Robin Cook...

Category Book Reviews

Last night, without the "motivation" of my cert test staring me in the face, I finished up Seizure by Robin Cook.  Cook is a physician who writes medical thrillers, usually with some pretty strong ethical issues underpinning the story.  In his latest, he deals with theraputic cloning.  A pair of researchers have discovered a way to use cloning in order to cure major genetic diseases like Parkinson's.  Their company is about to go under when a government bill is introduced that would ban the procedure.  But the senator who wants to ban it also needs the procedure to cure his Parkinson's.  Thus starts a race to get him treatment with an experimental process done outside the US.  

There's more to the story, and I won't disclose it here.  The story is not quite up to his normal standards, and none of the characters are very likeable.  It's all a little contrived, and I had to slog through some parts.  An OK read to pick up from the library, but not worth paying the big bucks for...


Gravatar Image1 - Agreed; I've read two of his books, Chromosome 6 (recommended) and Shock. Your assessments are correct: I find his dialogue quite stilted, but the stories and ethical dilemmas are corkers.

Gravatar Image2 - that description of the writing skill describes all of Cook's books that've ever read. Interesting ideas, great exploration of an issue, poor pros.

Gravatar Image3 - As an addendum, I've just read Sphinx and would recommend it. A really engaging story, with likable (and not so likable) characters. As the title implies, it's a thriller based in Egypt.

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