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Are you a member of a technical user group? Are you aware that many publishers...

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... have user group affiliation programs that will offer your members special offers and discounts?  You can also get review copies of many of their books in order to inform your members of good sources of info...

Portland Domino-Notes User Group has been a member of the O'Reilly program for quite a while, and I've done a number of book reviews for them.  I've also signed us up for the Sams, Que, New Riders, and Prentice Hall programs.  Quite an array of titles that should help your members master the new skills that they need.


Gravatar Image1 - Hi Tom, I looked all over at O'Reilly and couldn't find any reference for signing up my user group. Could you post URL's to the pages at the book programs that support this?


Gravatar Image2 - No problem, Lance... O'Reilly's URL is http://ug.oreilly.com/register.html I'll post the other ones as we get signed up for them...

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