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Time to test your Geek-spertise...

Category Everything Else

Head on over to SelfTestSoftware to try out the
IT Geek test.  See how much of a geek you truly are.  I scored 45%, and that's apparently above average for the 600 or so that have taken the test so far.  But it was a pretty weak 45%...  A lot of areas I know absolutely nothing about...  :-)


Gravatar Image1 - 75% -- Though it was tempting to look up the couple I didn't remember, I played fair. It says:

You are well on your way. Status achieved: Master Geek!

LOL. Is anyone surprised?

Gravatar Image2 - Note 1: You have to sign up to be emailed your score and agree to either Free Product Demos or email promotions... :-|

Note 2: I scored 60% geek... and that with most of the questions having to do with network architecture, security and administration... and me being a programmer by trade. Hm. odd. Somehow, this qualifies me as a Master Geek. Perhaps going hunting in two weeks will remedy this.

Gravatar Image3 - The email score issue sounds like a job for Mailinator!

Gravatar Image4 - And I shall address you as "Sir" from now on, Andrew!

Gravatar Image5 - Doh! I forgot about that... darnit. Yeah, would have been a good idea. Master Geek = getting lots of junk mail.

Gravatar Image6 - 75% for me, too


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