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Need a quick throw-away email address? Try Mailinator!

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In the latest issue of
Software Development, I ran across a short sidebar article on an email service that is rather unique.  The site is called Mailinator, and it's designed to be used as a disposible email site.  

You don't sign up for an account.  It creates the "account" when it receives the email.  For instance, if I send an email to twduff@mailinator.com, the account for that address will be set up when the email gets there.  When I go to the web site, I just type in twduff and I'll see the inbox for that name.  No password, no fuss, no anything.  Just an inbox.  

Privacy?  None.  What happens to the email?  It's auto-deleted in a few hours.  Can you send email from there?  Nope.  Can you delete the email yourself?  Nope.  What if the information there is private?  Stupid move on your part...  :-)

A nice option to use for online forums or site registrations where you either don't ever want email or you don't want any email after you get the registration confirmation.


Gravatar Image1 - I figured as a person who asks for registration info for your software, you'd have a different view of this...

Gravatar Image2 - well, there's one address to block from download passwords and inbound email.

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