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Books, books, and more books... And some good personal news...

Category Book Reviews

Some book stuff coming up...

First off, I just finished off the latest J. D. Robb novel
Imitation In Death.  A picture named M2  This may well be my favorite series of novels.  I always consider it a treat when Nora Roberts comes out with a new episode involving Eve Dallas and the New York crime scene in 2050.  In this latest paperback, Dallas catches a murder that looks like a copycat killing based on Jack The Ripper.  The killer leaves a note directed to her, and the hunt is on.  When he kills the second person, its in the fashion of the Boston Strangler.  Dallas has the suspect list narrowed down to four people who all have motive and opportunity.  I won't go any further, as it would give away too much of the plot.  But it's a great read.

And on the tech side...  

The people at O'Reilly must like me...  Marsee (the user group program coordinator) has taken to sending me not only the books I request for review, but other titles that don't necessarily relate to the group in any way.  Yesterday, I was thrilled to get a package with
Amazon Hacks A picture named M3 and TiVo Hacks.  A picture named M4  Since we have some TiVo junkies in the office, I'll probably see who wants to bribe me for that one.  The Amazon Hacks book is rather cool.  I like Amazon, and I use it a lot for selling used books.  But the book shows you how to do cool stuff, like manipulating the URL to get to specific areas directly.  They also show you how to hack the registry to allow IE to show a Search Amazon dropdown option when you highlight a word in a web page and right-click the mouse.  I'm only about a 1/3 of the way through, but it's a very interesting read...

And on the personal side...

My wife started her new job on Thursday.  She's mostly been out of the workforce since our kids were born (Ian's 17 now), and she felt it was time to start doing something outside the home.  While she was getting interviews, she never quite seemed to make the final cut.  Before leaving for Canada, Sue interviewed for an office job at the educational admin offices here in Portland.  As usual, she missed out on it.  But they contacted her again last Friday for another similar position that had just come open, and asked her to interview for it.  She went in on Tuesday, was offered the job on Wednesday, and started Thursday.  It's 190 days a year (tied to the school schedule) and she gets full-time benefits.  And their benefit package is quite nice, so I'll probably switch all our coverage to her plan, as it's about 1/4 the cost of my coverage (and mine's not out-of-line to start with).  She likes the environment and the people, and will love having two months off during the summer...  I'm looking forward to having a little more financial breathing room...  :-)


Gravatar Image1 - I'm a library junkie in a big way! The Hollywood branch is less than a block away from my house, so I don't have far to go. If I had to buy all the books I read, I'd be broke. Some of the books are just authors I watch for, others are ones I stumble across at the library, and O'Reilly seems to be pushing hard for chief supplier of my addiction...

Gravatar Image2 - First of all..congrats to your wife!

Secondly...just out of curiosity - do you belong to a book club of some sort, or do you go to the library to check out all these books you read? I just was wondering how you continually supply yourself with books at the rate that you read them!

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