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Outsourcing in my company? I do not think so.

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A friend tipped me off (thanks, GemPDX!) to a blog entry that really fired up the masses...  It was written by Sue Spielman, who is a senior consulting engineer for Switchback Software.  The blog entry is titled
Outsourcing In My Company?  I Do Not Think So.

The discussion is interesting both for the points she makes about the facts and fallacies of offshore outsourcing, and the discussion that followed.

Very much worth reading regardless of how you come down on the issue...


Gravatar Image1 - Ah, yet another IT engineer who lacks a basic understanding of Economics. The Law of Comparative Advantage is one of the few ideas universally agreed upon by economists. Ms. Spielman apparently thinks it doesn't apply here.

Protectionism DOESN'T WORK. Why do people want to introduce it to the IT world?

Gravatar Image2 - Hey - glad the article proved useful!

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