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Question for you Blogspherians out there...

Category Blogging

Since I've started having my blog spammed (apparently the same guy is hitting Carl Tyler's blog too), I was wondering if there is some way in Blogsphere to lock out responses from an IP address (or range of addresses).  I don't see anything obvious, but I may be missing it.

I realize that a firewall could do that, but I don't host my own blog.  

If there's no existing way to do this, I was thinking of writing an enhancement to Blogsphere that would allow you to block responses from an IP address.  One configuration form to list addresses, and some code in WQO that matches the IP address of the person with the list.  If there's a match, you let them know that they can't respond due to restrictions...

Sound possible?


Gravatar Image1 - I was thinking about doing the same thing - and I think it is a necessary feature. Luckily trackbacks require verification, because I have also had someone try to set up trackbacks to "questionable" sites.

BTW, your approach was the way I was thinking about doing it as well. Since you volunteered, send me the code when you get it done .


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