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A progress meter for use in LotusScript applications...

Category Software Development

Back quite a few years ago, I ran across a Notes database that contained logic you could use to create a progress meter based on LotusScript code.  This was nice in that document processing on @Forumula agents automatically does that for you, but LotusScript agents do not.  And of course, the users ALWAYS want that meter...  :-)

This NSF file was put out by a group called Unity Consulting which doesn't seem to be around any more.  I've kept it around in my Notes database collection, and I thought it might be of use and interest to this group.  If you'd like to check it out, download it from this link...  


Gravatar Image1 - LOL, I was Unity Consulting, I made that! I was browsing the site and I saw the download link, I thought, "I wonder how someone else made one of those..."

I'm very happy to see it again!

Gravatar Image2 - the NOTESDB access engine enables users to add Data to an existing Notes Database. Maybe it can help us .....

Gravatar Image3 - .

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