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So you need to remove an icon from your Notes workspace?

Category Software Development

Awhile back, I was faced with a situation involving migration of applications from one replica on a server to another replica on a different server.  While we could explain to users how to switch their workspace icons, we felt that most users would get confused over that.  As a result, we decided to automate the process.  If you
download the attached zip file, you'll find an NSF file with design elements you can paste into a database that will walk the user through the process whenever they open a database that is being migrated.  You'll find the developer instructions for implementation in the ChangeServer form...

This solution affectionately became known as "Duffware"...  

Have fun!


Gravatar Image1 - Thanks for that! I'll try it...

Gravatar Image2 - how can I find a free screensaver to download that won't give me spyware? also, I downloaded a carribean one and was told I needed to download quick something or other version something in order to access my screensaver. I cancelled everything (cancel button) but NOW my screen goes black(intermittenly) and tells me something like "we cant download your screensaver" in small white print in the top left corner of a black screen. This goes away when I press the enter button--the screen is restored to google.......sooooo...my question is, should I remove the carribean icon from the icon page(you know, the page that comes up befor i log on) or, should I save my carribean screensaver, install a good anti-virus program, install the quick version whatever program (the one they say i need to install? apply/ their lovely screensaver), download the screensaver(hoping no viruses survive, and no adware's on it) WHAT SHOULD I DO??? cAN YOU HELP ME(OR at least recommend some clean, safe downloadable screensavers

Gravatar Image3 - An informative blog! Migrating is a complex undertaking best approached systematically, with an understanding of the phases entailed in the overall project, an efficient distribution of tasks and responsibilities, and all appropriate planning completed at each phase.

Gravatar Image4 -

Gravatar Image5 - Migrating is a complex undertaking best approached systematically, with an understanding of the phases entailed in the overall project, an efficient distribution of tasks and responsibilities, and all appropriate planning completed at each phase.

Gravatar Image6 - Hi there,

hope this isn't taken for free advertisement -but I'll go for it ;-) - please delete this message if I'm causing any trouble...

We have a solution not only for the deletion of icons, but for the central administration of workspace pages (you can (re)color, (re)name, move(!), remove and clear pages), database icons (can be exactly positioned by page, x- and y-position in a very comprehensive manner, can be deleted, moved, grouped and even optically accentuated when moved/created and much much more.)

as to not make this "just another ad", i'll stop with this short overview - more information can be found on http://www.icodex.com/people

there's also some public fun we try to provide:

looking forward to "seeing" you there,
with best regards and many thanks,

Gravatar Image7 - jh

Gravatar Image8 - Thanks for the info! If someone is interested, I've aldo found how to Convert NSF to MP3. The link on the video tutorial follows.

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