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Alternatives to Microsoft, and Giuliani's book "Leadership"...

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Informationweek reports in an article titled
Companies Weigh Microsoft Alternatives that Gartner is finding that governments are encouraging more government departments and companies to seek alternatives to Microsoft software.  This move is more pronounced in non-US companies, as there doesn't seem to be quite the concern over the reliance on Microsoft.  Linux is seen as the likely option for groups seeking to break out of the Windows-based operating systems.  Looks like I need to start becoming familiar with Linux...

And I FINALLY finished up Rudolph Giuliani's book
Leadership.  I decided to read the book after hearing him speak at the Lotusphere opening session.  He's a very dynamic speaker who faced some incredible challenges leading the city through the 9/11 terror attacks.  The book is interesting in that it gives you some insight as to what he faced during that period.  I tend to be somewhat skeptical of these types of "leadership" books in that I wonder how many of the decisions were based on predefined principles vs. how many stories are molded to fit a picture of the person as a leader.  Reglardless, there are some good principles to pull from the book.  A little side note...  During the LS speech, Giuliani mentioned how much IBM had contributed to the recovery effort.  I wondered (being the cynic that I am) if that was the part of the speech where he inserts the name of whatever company is sponsoring the speech.  But in the book, he specifically mentions how IBM contributed many of the computers that were used as part of the command center....  That makes me feel better...  :-)


Gravatar Image1 - Interesting... I don't remember ever specifically hearing that, but it's great news. Thanks for sharing.

Gravatar Image2 - Actually, IBM did more than just give computers. They built a major system (using Notes and Domino, as well as Sametime) for administering the relief funds to families that were in need. The system basically hooked together all of the offices/options for funding (money for apartments, food, etc, all came from different organizations), so that once you applied for one kind of help, that person could check off all the other kinds of help you needed and it would route around, etc... Chris Pepin, who has written for us and spoke at our Vail conference last year, was part of the team that built it... (and I've used it as a RAD example in some of my Disaster Recovery sessions...)

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