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The blog's been upgraded, and this was TOO funny...

Category Humor

OK...  I just upgraded to the latest version of the Blogsphere template, and it was a piece of cake.  I just made sure Chris Miller of Connectria was there to sign the agents, and everything worked great first time through.  There are now RSS feeds too.  I haven't played with them yet, but you're more than welcome to start using it.  If you have any feedback, just let me know...

And now for the funny part...  I was killing some time at Borders bookstore today before I met my son for lunch at Todai's.  While scanning through the tech books, I came upon this title...

A picture named M2 Now...  I suppose one could find humor in the irony of a book from Microsoft Press having the words "secure" and "code" together in the title...  But no, it goes even further than that...

It's not in the picture, but the book has a quote line ON THE COVER at the bottom:

"Required reading by all programmers at Microsoft" - B. Gates

Ok...  they may all HAVE a copy, but I'm betting it's used to raise the monitor a couple of inches...  It's for sure they aren't READING the thing!


Gravatar Image1 - I am glad the upgrade went well!!! I have seen that book around the office. I think it holds the restroom door open while they clean :-)

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