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Gonna be a busy week!

Category Book Reviews

Boom Vang Consulting is hosting two of the Lotusphere Comes To You events (in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington) on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  I attended last year's event in Portland as a member of BV, but not in any role.  This time I'll have the shirt and be available for questions.  I'll also be part of the Sametime session.  Guess I better read Chris Miller's latest article in e-Pro...  (gee...  three links in one short sentence!).  Also kudos to Ed Brill for providing us with some good info on Microsoft's Greenwich offering (their new IM software they are pushing).  While I think Greenwich could come up in Portland, I would be really surprised if it doesn't come up in Seattle...

OK...  That explains Tuesday and Thursday.  There's travel up to Seattle (about a three hour drive) on Wednesday and then back to Portland on Thursday night.  And then Friday is my birthday...  I'll be turning 42...  In this field, that makes me older than dirt (but still younger than
Joe!).  A picture named M2  My entire career has usually had me being on the younger end of the age continuum of wherever I was working.  I'm now the "elder stateman" at my current company...  How did that happen???  A picture named M3

And finally, a finished book...  
Sucker Bet by James Swain.  Tony Valentine is the main character, and he's a retired cop who now specializes in working with casinos to find swindlers.  In this one, he is asked to find out how a certain con is going down at an Indian casino, but he then finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and some mafia activity that threatens his own life.  Very entertaining novel...


Gravatar Image1 - If I don't have a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday...well...Happy Birthday! Thoughts of comfort for turning 42....just keep in mind that you are not alone!!! ;o)

Gravatar Image2 - Thanks, Gayle... Perhaps you should have typed in all caps so that I could read it easier... :-)

Gravatar Image3 - Happy Birthday!!! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that '42' is a very special year. I mean, you can't go wrong. It's life, the universe and everything! Stay froody. ;-) Jess

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