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Time for the Saturday morning Random Thoughts....

Category Book Reviews

It's been a busy week between transporting kids to hockey and client work, so I didn't blog about a number of items in my email and/or that I stumbled across...  So now you get them all...

Finished a book the other day called
Darwin's Children by Greg Bear.  It's a near-future novel where millions of children have been born with the SHEVA virus which gives them certain genetic advantages.  Some people see this as the next evolutionary leap, while others see them as a threat to humans.  The story centers around a particular child and family, and their struggles to deal with society's view of this "disease".  Meanwhile, the father discovers archeological evidence that shows that Homo Erectus and Homo Sapien co-existed together in the past.  I didn't care much for the story, as it seemed to be pretty disjointed and the points the author was trying to make were pretty obscure in my opinion.

Friday was a strange day in my consulting career....  When I was laid off from Enron in September 2001, it was rather tramautic to be out of work for the first time in my life.  I started doing some contracting work through Boom Vang Consulting with a company I had worked for prior to Enron.  I started the week of Thanksgiving 2001 for what was to be an engagement doing Lotus Notes work through the end of the year.  Based on how well that engagement went, the contract was renewed through 2002 at 20 hours a week with the option for more if the situation called for it.  Since I was an hourly contractor at that stage, I was after as many hours as I could get.  The contract was renewed at that level for part of 2003 in order to complete a federally mandated project.  Since we're now done with that project, we're temporarily suspending the engagement so as to move the hours to the end of the year when some other projects are due to be completed.  Now that I'm full-time with Boom Vang, I am fortunately not "out of work".  I've got a lot of other stuff going on with other clients, and things are exciting.  But it's odd to think that for the first time in 18 months I will not be heading off to a particular place for part of the week.  It's been a great engagement, and it made the transition into the consulting world much easier than I expected it to be...  I almost felt like I was an employee on my last day on the job.

And finally...  You know you're addicted to computers when...   We're going on vacation later this month, and I'm concerned that three of my "public" mail accounts at Yahoo and Hotmail will fill up with spam while I'm gone, and that I'll miss real mail that will get bounced during that time.  I'm taking the laptop along in order to download digital pictures, but I don't know that I'll be doing any dial-up.  So I have a friend that will log on to the three email accounts while I'm gone and clear out the junk/bulk folders on a regular basis...  


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