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Obviously, the world situation has been uneasy as of late. I've spent a lot of time searching for some technical info on Websphere Portal as I've also been watching coverage of the war. I'll refrain from getting into feelings of pros/cons to the war, as there are good arguments for either side. I just pray for a short end to the war, and a resolution to the issues that led to it...

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend searching for portal tutorials from a programming perspective. I finally came across some decent material on DeveloperWorks that should help in my learning of how to code portlets. I'm gathering this material into a Teamroom db in order to 1) keep it close at hand, and 2) share it with fellow developers. If anyone is interested (or even reading this stuff), let me know and I can post links to the tutorials I found...

That's it for right now... I'm sitting on a conference call on Websphere Portal that's a mix of sales and technical info. You can tell we're in the sales portion right now as I'm typing this... :-)

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