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Product Review - New Trent NT120C CarbonPak External Battery Pack

Category Product Review New Trent NT120C CarbonPak External Battery Pack
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I recently was offered a New Trent NT120C CarbonPak External Battery Pack to use and review. As a happy owner of a different New Trent external battery, I went into the review expecting a decent level of quality to start with. I don't go anywhere without that one, and I was excited to see what a 12000 mAh battery would bring to the table. In short, this is an absolutely great unit.

It comes with two USB ports, one rated at 1A for smart phone charging, and the other rated at 2.1A for tablet charging. To test things out, I ran my iPhone 4 down to 13% and then plugged it in for charging on the 1A port. Two hours later, I was fully charged with only a single bar (out of four) loss in charge on the battery. I then plugged in my iPad 4 that I ran down to 12%. I was able to get it up to around 63% before the battery started warning me that it needed to be recharged. Looking at that overall, I probably could have gotten about four or five charges on my iPhone without needing to recharge the battery, and that's *much* better than anything else I have. I can't think of too many use cases I'd (normally) have that would exceed that. If I needed more power (say, in a prolonged power outage), I'd make sure to ration my iPhone/iPad usage appropriately.

One thing I did notice is that the NT120C takes longer to recharge than my other ones. That obviously makes sense, as it's holding a much larger charge. I'd recommend making sure you plan on charging the battery overnight if you've used it during the day, just to make sure it stays topped up. Otherwise, you could be looking at a significant time period needed to bring it back from a drained state to a fully charged state.

Given the combination of weight, size, power, and price, the New Trent NT120C is close to a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an external battery option. It is now part of my technology travel list of things to pack if I'm going anywhere. I'm extremely happy with it.

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