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Book Review - TerraFae by Sabrina Zbasnik

Category Book Review Sabrina Zbasnik TerraFae

Generally speaking, fantasy stories don't do a lot for me. But Sabrina Zbasnik has a way with words and characters, and I loved her first book Tin Hero.  Her second book, TerraFae, is just as entertaining, and I enjoyed it immensely.

The story revolves around Cas, a killer for hire when it comes to removing troublesome monsters and ghouls.  She's sitting in an inn one day with her partner Humphrey, minding her own business. That comes to an end when an elf shows up looking for a hero. Gwydion figures that would be Cas, and next thing she knows, she wakes up on a ship headed back to his homeland, TerraFae. She learns that her quest is to enter the Forbidden Forest to retrieve the vial of Byw (whatever that is).  Cas, Gwydion, and two other unwelcome adventurers set out to face the unknown and hopefully live to tell about it.

So why did this work for me? It was the characters and dialogue.  Cas is a sharp-tongued, take-no-prisoners type of person, and her no-nonsense approach to her tasks was perfect for the role. She's stuck with Max, a fellow killer, on this quest, and she makes no bones about not liking him. But the back-and-forth between the two is humorous.  Gwydion works well as an elf who doesn't have very much confidence in his own powers, but is responsible for the success of this mission.  The dangers and characters they meet along the way keep the plot moving at a quick pace, and I was happy to keep flipping the pages to see what they'd encounter next.

If you like your fantasy mixed with plenty of snark, TerraFae is worth reading.

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