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Book Review - Political Suicide by Michael Palmer

Category Book Review Michael Palmer Political Suicide
Political Suicide

Political Suicide is Michael Palmer's latest novel, and it brings back Dr. Lou Welcome as the main character.  Of the Palmer novels I've read, this is probably my favorite to date.  I like Welcome's character, the plot was interesting, and there wasn't an overt medical or health agenda that was being propped up by the story.  It was an enjoyable two day read...

Welcome is overseeing a doctor who has drinking issues.  Dr. Gary McHugh needs to get that under control or lose his license. But Welcome gets a call from McHugh that puts everything in jeopardy.  McHugh was in an accident as part of an alcoholic blackout, and he was coming from the house of congressman Elias Colston. Colston was shot and is dead, McHugh was having an affair with his wife, and he looks to be the likely suspect.  Welcome wants to support his friend, but he admits that things don't look very promising. He's also clashing with McHugh's lead attorney who seems to have major issues with doctors. Welcome's unofficial (and somewhat unwanted) investigation turns up a linkage between Colston's death, a military special forces group, and the Secretary of the Defense.  Needless to say, Welcome's death would be very convenient to keep certain things from coming to light...

I thought Palmer's characters in Political Suicide were done well. Welcome is a likeable (but flawed) individual, and the supporting cast around him fit the story nicely.  The action surrounding the military plot angle was intriguing, as I wonder if it would be possible to mold a special unit to do the kind of missions that were planned.  I didn't find that there were any convenient places to stop reading, and I easily could have read the book straight through if not for minor things like sleep.

I hope that Palmer continues to focus on Welcome as a main character.  If future installments are on par with Political Suicide, they'd be great reads.

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