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Book Review - Lethal by Sandra Brown

Category Book Review Sandra Brown Lethal

Sandra Brown is one of those authors I need to start reading on a regular basis.  A friend gave me a copy of her novel Lethal, and I loved it.  I would have liked a little bit more at the end, but still... a great read.  

Honor Gillette is a single mom living in a small Louisiana town with her young daughter. Her husband was a police officer who died in a traffic accident.  After a mass shooting at a local trucking company, she finds what appears to be a vagrant lying injured in her front yard.  Unfortunately, that vagrant turns out to be Lee Coburn, the person who the police are looking at as the shooter in the killings.  He takes Gillette and her daughter as hostages, and she's determined to do whatever she can to keep her daughter safe.  But everything is not what it seems, and Coburn explains that her husband may have been killed to cover up a conspiracy.  Coburn needs to find out what what Gillette's husband knew, and Gillette needs to figure out whether she trusts Coburn enough to work with him to find the truth about what really happened to her husband.  If Coburn is right, no one that she knows and trusts is who they seem to be...

Brown does a stellar job with the characters, plot, and pacing in Lethal.  Coburn is a perfect mix of tough-guy killer who finds himself at a loss on how to deal with simple things like a child's kiss.  Gillette feels very real as a mom who is torn between protecting her daughter and finding out whether her husband's death was more than just a random event.  I didn't see the final twist coming, but it worked well.  My only complaint is that the epilogue didn't give a definite conclusion to everything.  One more sentence could have resolved it... just one!  Still, it was a "can't put it down" novel.

Lethal was well worth reading, and it convinced me that I need to start catching up on Brown's earlier work.

Obtained From: Friend
Payment: Free


Gravatar Image1 - I'm so glad you liked it! I need to start reading more from her too. I have a few more on my "to read" shelf (yes, I have an entire bookshelf just for books I haven't read yet!), but others keep getting in the way! First world problems, right, having TOO MANY books to read!Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - You notice I never show pictures of my "to be read" piles (yes, plural). Thanks again for the book (and the delicious cookies!)

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