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Book Review - Loss of Control by Scott Good

Category Book Review Scott Good Loss of Control
Loss of Control (Volume 1)

Occasionally I get the chance to read a novel from someone I've been associated with over the years in my "day job" career.  It's interesting to me to see how they mesh their interests and passions into a story, and it's like an Easter egg hunt to see if you can find the character pieces that are fragments of their real life.  I recently had that pleasure with Scott Good's first novel, Loss of Control.  This was an enjoyable read with a number of "I know that person/event/location" moments for me.

The story in Loss of Control revolves around auto racing.  Jake Berwyn races cars recreationally, and the story opens with him racing hard against his best friend, David Reed.  A pre-race argument has Jake's emotions running hot, and the two are slicing and dicing for the lead on the final lap.  David appears to block, but loses control of his car and ends up crashing. Jake's elation at David's mistake turns to horror when the car erupts into a fireball and kills his friend.  Jake becomes an emotional wreck, thinking that their heated argument led to the crash.  But the discovery of a bolt from the wreckage indicates that sabotage may be the actual cause behind David's death, and Jake sets out to find the real truth behind what happened on that last lap...

As you might expect, there is a *lot* of detail about auto racing in Loss of Control.  Scott writes about what he knows, and he knows racing.  Racing geeks will likely love this novel.  He also mixes in plenty of technology, as that's his day job.  As a technology geek, I enjoyed that part also.  From an "insider" perspective, I also had to laugh at Ding, Jake's employee.  "Julian Newberry" actually exists, and I could picture the interactions between the two in perfect clarity.  That's not something that the average reader would notice or care about, but it added a lot to the reading experience for me.

I know that Loss of Control was something that took Scott years of writing to get into its final form.  I hope that it's not a one-time occurrence, and that he's already at work on book #2.  A good job for a first-time author, and I would welcome the chance to visit the adventures of Jake Berwyn once again.

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Gravatar Image1 - Tom,

Thanks much for taking the time to read and review it. I really appreciate the effort (and the kind words).


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