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Book Review - The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Category Book Review Dr. Axel Rauschmayer The Past Present and Future of JavaScript
The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript

I apparently haven't been keeping up with what's going on in the JavaScript world, as I learned a fair amount from the O'Reilly ebook The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer.  I was doing pretty well on the past and present, but the future was all new material to me.  And Dr. Rauschmayer makes the future look pretty good...

Contents: The Past; The Present; The Future; Evolving The Language; JavaScript As A Compilation Target; Writing Non-Web Applications In JavaScript; A JavaScript Wish List; Conclusion; References

At around 52 pages, it doesn't take long to read through the material being covered, but Dr. Rauschmayer does a good job in making the most of those pages.  The past and present sections give a concise overview of where JavaScript started, and how it got to where we are now.  Most of the space is taken with coverage of where things are going in the future.  I'll admit I hadn't been following the progress of ECMAScript standards... Fine, I wasn't even aware there *was* work going on for a next version of JavaScript.  Fortunately, new features are planned in various areas, and it seems like the standards group is spending a lot of time to make sure the proposed changes are focused, well designed (by content experts), and practical.  There are short coding examples to show off the new features (such as new iteration options and raw strings that preserve white space and non-escaped characters).  All in all, a lot of good information in an overview format, perfect for getting up to speed with the concepts and directions of where JavaScript is headed.

As with many of the O'Reilly ebooks of this fashion, Amazon has it priced as free.  That's hard to beat.  I definitely recommend downloading The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript.  It'll be 30 minutes of your time well spent.

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