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Co-author of the book IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide

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Co-author of the book IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide

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Would you like to win a free copy of the IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide?

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Would you like to win a free copy of the IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide?

Well, all you need to do is visit
IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide and tell us the one feature that makes you want to own this book using the comments section on this blog entry. Make sure to enter your email address, so that I can in touch with you. Two individuals who have mentioned the best reasons will be provided with an e-copy each.

This drawing will run through February 19th 20th, and we'll select two winners at that point.

So, start your engines and submit those reasons!


Update 2012/02/21 - Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. The two winners are Tim E. Brown and Albert Buendia.


Gravatar Image1 - The title of Chapter 2 says it all, "The Sametime 8.5.2 Servers—Up Close and Personal", stress added. I have been using ST since 3.0 and I understand why it had to go to a multi-server platform for full capabilities but it went from a manageable silo to a multi-disciplinary nightmare!


Gravatar Image2 - I'll be straight and to the point here. I want the book and need the book because the Sametime 8.5 Wiki has so many gaps and rabbit holes in it that you will fail at some point of your installs, especially if your doing a large scale deployment with splitting out all the various pieces and parts!

I'm hoping the book will keep me sane!

Tim E. Brown

Gravatar Image3 - Looking at the table of content what attracted me the most would be Sametime client deployment, especially if it is covering how to seamlessly upgrade embedded Sametime client too. I sure hope that the actual content live up to my expectation.

Reference material on this topic is hard to find and an easy to understand guide to do seamless Sametime client upgrade in a mixed and/or distributed environment.

Tinus Riyanto

Gravatar Image4 - Great idea - Thank you!!! But as you already know Mr. Duffbert: I am a traditionalist and don't like ebooks at all. In this case especially because Gab, Marie and you cannot personally sign it!!! Emoticon So I will not officially participate (let the ebook fans get the goodies Emoticon ) but the feature I like best about the book is that it clarifies all the architectural changes (e.g. Websphere and DB2 stuff). I am still a Domino Administrator at heart but I think it's time to broaden my horizon and get acquainted with new technology - make the transition from Websfear to Webshpere so to speak... Emoticon

Gravatar Image5 - I would love to have a complete reference at my fingertips, both to build a case for Sametime here and to plan and implement it when the timwe comes.

Gravatar Image6 - This book has solved many unanswered questions. There are two aspects to this book has mostly resolved.

Business Needs
The photographs on pages 78 and 82 are allowed to start a pilot of Sametime Standard in my company for product evaluation and possible purchase.

Technical Section
This book contains various "hidden gems" in some chapters. For example, from a technical viewpoint,the operating systems reference table on page 66 is excelent. Another gem that was found it's the reference table of ports used in Sametime for planning the correct corporate firewall policies. The Sametime servers logs reference guide for troubleshooting installations is another gem found.

For a new version of the book I would suggest:

- Expand the excellent reference for the plugins technology described on page 84-85. Give examples of deployment on the Sametime SDK.

- Drop a program on OpenNTF to upload your photos required by the business cards in OpenNTF described on pages 289-290. I'm sure that the programming for this application it's very simple but I'm not a programmer so I should not waste time on this. It would be very apreciated.

- Attach an appendix somewhere with the new part numbers for the 8.5.2 IF1 for buyers of the book. It should be mentioned that the 8.5.2 IF1 must be deployed on top of a 8.5.2 deployment.

In short, this book is a reference guide to install and learn all the possibilities for the Sametime environment. Highly recommended.

Kind Regards,

Albert Buendia

Gravatar Image7 - I want to have this ebook because the architecture of sametime has grown so much and is so much different then the last versions. Specially the websphere part could be very interesting for me. So give me the chance to be the sametime administrator i want to be Emoticon

Gravatar Image8 - Hi,
I am interrested in the different types of architectures that can put in place for very large companies 10'000+ users present in more than 100 countries with some sites that have less than 10 users and others that have more than 1'000 users.
I am also interrested in what can be done with telephony, mobility, voice and video & community collaboration in order to reduce company carbone footprint in order to reduce the numbers of travels needed each year.
Thanks for the draw.

Gravatar Image9 - I've been admin-ing Domino servers for 10 years with some Sametime experience and jumped into WebSphere with Conenctions 2 years ago. Sametime 8.5.2 is coming up for deployment and I need the definitive source for managing this environment.

Gravatar Image10 - The table of contents looks interesting and I believe that I'll get a holistic view of all the Sametime components Emoticon

Gravatar Image11 - It's difficult to point out one specific item. This book brings all aspects of Sametime together. That's what makes this book so valuable.

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