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So... in 2012, what do I want to do/be/accomplish?

Category 2012
There are arguments for and against making New Year's resolutions, and I know that logically January 1st is an arbitrary date to start something that could/should have been started last month or next March.  But emotionally it feels right to pick January 1st as a launch point... a time to reset and recommit to things.  And if that's the case, then what kind of things do I want to become or accomplish in the upcoming year?
  • Health - I've been working on losing weight, and that will continue.  I still have a ways to go to be where I want to be, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.  Yes, I have numbers in mind. No, they will not be listed here. :)  My purchase of the FitBit Ultra was part of that plan, and it's giving me some excellent information on calorie intake and expenditure, along with the amount of activity I (don't) get.  This last week has been more baseline-gathering than anything else, as you can't make good choices without accurate information.  Like most people, what I thought I did and what I actually do are two very different things.
  • Professional - This is the year that I dive deeply into the Microsoft world with SharePoint (sorry, Lotus).  I've been straddling the technology fence with Notes and SharePoint, and I still need to be competent on the Notes side.  But SharePoint is where we are at work, and I haven't pushed as hard as I should in that area. I could come up with reasons why that's been the case, but they'd amount to excuses that, at the end of the day, are meaningless.  I have ideas on how to blend the two technology areas in terms of blog posts and such, and I think I'm now at the point where I can follow through on those plans.  
  • Personal - I bought the ukulele, and now I'm going to learn to play the stupid thing.
  • Personal - An idea that's been nagging at me the last month... I thrive on the feeling I get when I can do something nice/helpful/useful for someone, without expecting anything in return (nor announcing what you did to the world... or even to the person if it's really behind-the-scenes).  While I've tried to get better at that this last year, it's still sporadic.  For instance, if a person is standing outside a store with a sign asking for help, fear can sometimes keep me from doing anything about it. I won't give money, but is it so hard to pick up an extra sandwich or a cup of coffee?  Is he/she going to be offended that I gave them something to eat rather than money? Ultimately, it doesn't matter. If you want change in the world, do something and forget the fear.  So for 2012, I want to do something nice for someone *every day*.  It might be a thank you, a note of encouragement, physical assistance... The main thing is to get into the mindset of looking for those opportunities, and then to act on them.

  • I have other ideas that are a bit more vague at this point, but these four will get me started on some positive changes that will make a difference for me in 2012.  

    I hope 2012 is as productive and fulfilling as I hope mine will be.

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