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Do You Have an Opinion on the (fill in the vendor) (fill in the technology) Community?

Category IBM/Lotus Microsoft
As part of my day-job existence, I spend time reading blogs related to Microsoft SharePoint.  Of the bloggers I recently started following is Robert Bogue, an MVP for Microsoft SharePoint.  He has an interesting blog entry today titled "Do You Have an Opinion on the SharePoint Community?"

Here's a snippet from the post that covers his topic:

Despite the inflamitory nature of the titles (and content) let's look to see what Mark has to say this time:

1.        These aren't the good ole days
2.        Speakers aren't taunted by hecklers
3.        People have egos
4.        Conference burn out
5.        The MVP program is broken.
6.        Microsoft should do more for the community
7.        SharePoint is different.

Let me try to take these points one-by-one. My apologize for potentially grossly misinterpreting his points.

I'm thinking it would incredibly easy to substitute "Lotus Notes" for "Microsoft SharePoint", and many of the arguments and points would be the exact ones we struggle with.

His post is worth reading if you care about the Notes community and where things are going.  For me, it reaffirmed that we aren't that much different than other technology communities, we struggle with the same issues, our "broken issues" are also broken for other vendors and communities, and at the core, it all revolves around people.


Gravatar Image1 - I've been noticing the same thing recently, Tom. I had a chance to attend a WordPress camp (similar to a LUG) and have been doing some dev for BlackBerry, which causes me to turn to their forums and "documentation". Many of the issues and complaints are similar.

We get so wrapped up in our yellow bubble that we forget a) that other bubbles exist and b) despite some differences most bubbles have a lot in common.

Gravatar Image2 - I've never believed we were unique { Link } Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - Tom, I read that very differently.

One of Roberts main discussion points is the MVP program itself and how 'broken' it is. He discusses how members bitch about who is - or is not - a member and whether MS themselves are doing enough to promote the program.

Robert's references to 'community' are more about the recognition some members within the MVP programme receive.

While the introduction of the 'Champion' initiative might give rise in future to similar thoughts, I think the thing about the Yellowverse that is so unique is how open and willing everyone is to actually share and collaborate, regardless of their 'status'.

From that perspective, there is definitely a difference between the 'programme' Robert writes about, and the COMMUNITY that I am so fortunate to be a member of.

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by Eric Foley Saucier
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