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Book Review - Essential SharePoint 2007 by Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, Susan Handley

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When you're making a jump to SharePoint from some other platform (especially a non-Microsoft offering), the sheer size of the package can be daunting.  And being dumped into the bits and bytes of SharePoint doesn't help much when you don't have any context for most of it.  Essential SharePoint 2007 by Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, and Susan Handley was the perfect "first book" for me to get my mind wrapped around all that is SharePoint.  It's also perfect for the higher level technical user who wants to do more than just the basics.

Your Collaboration Strategy - Ensuring Success; Office SharePoint Server 2007 - High-Impact Collaboration Across the Extended Enterprise; Introduction to the 2007 Office System as a Collaboration and Solution Platform; SharePoint Architecture Fundamentals; Planning Your Information Architecture; Planning Your Move from SharePoint 2003 to 2007 - Upgrade or Build?; Disaster Recovery Planning; Sites, Blogs, and Wikis; Enterprise Content Management - Documents, Records, and Web; Enterprise Search; Making Business Processes Work - Workflow and Forms; Office 2007 - Offline Options for MOSS 2007; Providing Business Intelligence; Appendix A - SharePoint User Tasks; Appendix B - OS/Browser/Office Compatibility; Index

I'm switching from developing applications in the Notes/Domino platform to doing the same in SharePoint.  But where Notes/Domino is somewhat self-contained, SharePoint has a ton of moving parts (Office, WSS, MOSS, SQL Server, etc.)  As such I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to group everything in my mind.  Essential SharePoint 2007 turned out to be the perfect way to start my journey.  The authors write their material towards technical architects and business analysts who will need to know how to set up and use SharePoint to accomplish their many processes.  The specifics of how to use certain features and web parts are detailed enough that you could use it as a first line of training for those who want to do more than just look at pages.  The chapters on architecture, disaster recovery, and rolling out SharePoint are perfect for your administration and architecture staff who will have to become responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure.  There are also chapters comparing SharePoint 2003 to the latest version (2007), but if you're familiar with 2003, you might well already have a grasp on much of the material.  Fortunately for me, I'm starting with 2007, so migration is not a consideration...

While this wouldn't be the only SharePoint book on my shelf, it definitely needs to be there.  It won't teach me how to program and customize SharePoint at the level I'll need to be able to down the road.  But for getting a good grasp of the overall fundamentals of setup, administration, and use of SharePoint, it's hard to beat.

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