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SharePoint/Notes interaction question: Can SharePoint be made to accept Notes:// URL formats?

Category IBM/Lotus Microsoft
In our installation of SharePoint, we have a need to link to some Notes client applications using the Notes:// URL format.  When we attempt to use that type of a URL in a SharePoint dialog box (like for a Quick Link), it says that's an invalid URL format (wants http:, https:, ftp:, etc.)

Is there any way to change SharePoint's behavior in that area?

If not, I'll probably write a Notes app for our web-enabled Domino server that has a dockey and URL field (that *does* accept Notes://).  Then when you hit that page from a browser, it automagically redirects to the Notes:// location.  A little clunky, but it would work...

Any thoughts?


Gravatar Image1 - I have the same problem here, and my Sharepoint guys took it to M$ as a bug report, and M$ said that it's hardcoded in Sharepoint. Since they also consider it a security feature, they said that they wouldn't change it.

Gravatar Image2 - we're facing the same problem here, allthough the MS guys here cannot fix it (it is not supposed to use MS products with ANY other program from a different vendor it seems).

Conclusion: You are not supposed to use Notes with Sharepoint? Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - Another solution offered up by David Gursky was to use a URL shortening service like { Link } to turn the { Link } URL into a regular { Link } url. I tried it and it actually works!

I still need to get a more permanent solution (much like what Stephan suggests), but at least there's a short term workaround.

Gravatar Image4 - Plain Windows doesn't understand notes : / / URLs. Only after the registry is updated (which the Notes installer does) they work. If you are lucky updating the registry on your Sharepoint server might do the trick already.
If you are less lucky it is in a Sharepoint configuration entry (in the registry?) and if you are out of luck it's hardcoded.
Emoticon stw

Gravatar Image5 - Really, though, it's just getting sadder and sadder....isn't it?


Gravatar Image6 - No comment... :)

Gravatar Image7 - I had the same issue. I was able to get around it by choosing to edit the page as raw html and then inserting the link. I don't currently have access to Sharepoint so cannot point out where I found the option to edit the HTML. Can anyone else help.

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