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Looking forward to our vacation cruise in March...

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After our two weeks of snow, my mind has turned to our cruise in March.  I was looking at the invoice, and decided it might be nice to know where I'm going.  :)  In our house, my wife plans the cruise a year in advance, and I start paying attention about three weeks out.

In this case, I knew it was a southern Caribbean route, but I would have been hard-pressed to tell you exactly what that entailed.  So here it is:
Day          Port          Arrive          Depart
Fri         Miami         -         4:00 PM
Sat         At Sea         -         -
Sun         Samana         10:00 AM         6:00 PM
Mon         Tortola         10:00 AM         6:30 PM
Tue         Antigua         8:00 AM         5:00 PM
Wed         Barbados         9:00 AM         6:00 PM
Thu         St. Lucia         8:00 AM         5:00 PM
Fri         At Sea         -         -
Sat         At Sea         -         -
Sun         Miami         8:00 AM

I think I can handle that...  :)  

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Gravatar Image1 - Oh man, you're not coming anywhere close to me (close in Caribbean standards) but I will be sure to wave to you on Monday night, around 11pm Emoticon

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