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OK... today was a high point in my "writing career"...

Category IBM/Lotus
I enjoy writing...  From Libby giving me my first shot at being published, to blogging, to writing reviews on Amazon...  It's something I love to do.  Yes, it's had a number of financial benefits, to be sure.  But if it had gone no further than the pages of this blog, I'd still write.

Then there's the five minutes of fame in my small pond.  I've followed Esther Schlindler's writing for a long time, and I finally got a chance to meet her at Microsoft PDC 2008 a couple months ago.  I brought her a gift of chocolate "just in case" I ever ended up writing for her.  Good editors are worth their weight in gold...  or chocolate in Esther's case.

Yes, I'm not proud...  Bribing and sucking up works for me.

A couple of weeks ago she asked if I wanted to write an article for CIO.com on Lotus Notes.  I accepted, and today it was published:  7 Things IT Managers Should Know About Lotus Notes.  I had fun writing it, and it was cool to see something I wrote published in a non-IBM/Notes publication.  

Ah, but I was *really* surprised when I received an email from Patrick Kenney of IDG International Publishing Services letting me know that some CIO.com content ends up getting syndicated on the New York Times online site, and that my article made it over there.

OK...  I can retire now.  I'll have a hard time topping that five minutes...  :)

Thanks, Esther...  


Gravatar Image1 - And what a nice article it was! Way to go Duffbert! Congratz! Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - dude. that rocks.

Gravatar Image3 - AWESOME! Very Cool!
Bribing and sucking up is fine if it's from the heart. (spices) Emoticon
I enjoyed the feedback comments. Our buds were really supporting the platform especially when the usual "Notes Sucks" guy chirps in. In a nice way too.

Way to go, Dude!

Gravatar Image4 - Good article and just in time! We have a new Director of Software Dev and this person is not really knowledgeable about Notes/Domino (big surprise! Emoticon). This will help ease them into my world (N/D app dev)and save me a lot of time doing Q&A and dee-fence of the application environment.


Gravatar Image5 - Very well done Duff. Just read the article on the NYT site.

Shall buy you a beer in Floriday


Gravatar Image6 - Congrats Tom, and nice job. We're all proud to know ya and still call you our own (and I'm not just sayin' that to suck up) Emoticon

Gravatar Image7 - Yay! Emoticon

Gravatar Image8 - Nice article....Congrats.Emoticon

Gravatar Image9 - That is so cool!

You forgot to mention the work you do editing others work for publication. Emoticon Yeah, I am one of the sickos that actually take the time to read the credits/acknowledgements in books. I thought it was cool that I knew names in certain tech books, but this, my friend, is the greatest.

I hope to read more of your work in non-Lotus centric publications.

Gravatar Image10 - Congratulations! It's a great article that's now making the rounds at my organization...
Keep 'em coming!!!

Gravatar Image11 - First, congrats (but I already told you that!).

"OK... I can retire now. I'll have a hard time topping that five minutes... :)

You've got to be kidding me! You just received some wonderfully major exposure. This is not the "top" it is the beginning!

Gravatar Image12 - The NY Times, very nice you may now address the graduates when you pick up an honorary Journalism Degree at Lotus Top-Flight.
Seriously though, great work and look for more from you.

Gravatar Image13 - Glad you approve of your uncle's work, Jess. :)

Gravatar Image14 - Tom,

Job well done (as usual). Dinner is on me. Name the date and time.

Gravatar Image15 - Bollocks!!! The NY Times is a far left wing organization that only uses pawns like you to advance their agenda around IT management worldwide and you were only to willing to jump like Carl Lewis when they asked how high you could jump.

But seeing as how I could care less about the Times' political leanings, and everything I said about pawns and IT management being crap... well done! Duffbert goin worldwide!!!

Gravatar Image16 - All right, I must admit it. That's PRETTY darn cool.Emoticon

Gravatar Image17 - Duffbert FTW! Emoticon

Gravatar Image18 - Nice article, but I missed some exchange bashing ;)

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