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I'm encouraged about the encouragement on my SharePoint posts...

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Having been a fervent YellowBleeder over the years, I wasn't too sure how this new aspect of my professional existence might be received on the blog.  Trust me, had you said I'd be in this position a year or so ago, I would have laughed hysterically.  Never say never, however...

One of the reasons I want to share this with the Lotus Community is that as much as we hate to admit it, SharePoint's a reality out there.  For some of us, it's even more of a reality than that.  There are a small number of bloggers who gladly expound on the virtues of Notes/SharePoint coexistence, and that's one resource for information.  But in the two cases I'm thinking of, both of them have some sort of vested interest, a little "skin in the game", so to speak.  That's not to say that I distrust either source, as they have the technical information that I don't (yet) have.  But still, money and sales can be on the line, and you can never quite totally rid yourself of the "who benefits from this viewpoint" question.

On the other hand, I'm not selling for IBM or Microsoft.  Yes, I've been a long-time Notes supporter, and I'll always love the platform.  But I'm not attempting to meet a sales quota or sell you a tool I built.  As I mentioned yesterday, I simply want to make it easier for those traveling the same path, either now or down the road.  Relating new knowledge to what you already know is a great way to understand things.  And the sooner you can place things in context, the sooner you can start getting down into the weeds and delivering on your new responsibilities.

So, I don't plan on this becoming an "all SharePoint, all the time" blog.  And I *do* hope to not become more biased than I already am.  If I stray, call me on it.  With any luck, we'll all learn a few things along the way, remaining merrily employable over the long run.  :)


Gravatar Image1 - In the words of our former president, "I feel your pain".

Only more so.

Having been a trained, certified, full-time Notes/Domino professional for the last 16 years, I stepped in it . . er . . in to the role of SharePoint administrator last year after attending training and working on setting up our first SharePoint installation here at work.

It's been quite an adventure as the architecture, as you've noted, is quite different. It's really nice having a single data source in SQL Server, with the web front ends basically serving as funnels to the information. In some sense, it's architected much like WebSphere Application Server. . . sort of. Or maybe more like Message Broker.


Have fun along the way, and don't be afraid to ask questions. I can at least answer the administration ones, as I've learned quite a bit through the pain of the last year and half or so.

Gravatar Image2 - Yes, there was a small amount of fun I had with that title, Brad... :)

Gravatar Image3 - Not to overlook the actual point of this post or anything, but encouraging encouragement? Indeed. I'll be more aware of my encourageification from now on. Emoticon

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