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Book Review - Victory at Yorktown by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen

Category Book Review Newt Gingrich William R. Forstchen Victory at Yorktown
Victory at Yorktown: A Novel

I recently received a copy of the final installment in Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen's Revolutionary War trilogy... Victory at Yorktown.  While I'll never end up reading any of Gingrich's non-fiction material (due to philosophical differences), I do enjoy his historical novels when he teams up with Forstchen.  Having said that, I think that Victory at Yorktown is the weakest of the Revolutionary War trilogy, as the rawness of the wartime conditions was missing.  It was more focused on strategy, individuals, and loyalties, and I didn't get drawn in as much as I have with earlier works.

From the perspective of adding flesh to a historical event, Victory at Yorktown does that.  Gingrich and Forstchen put color and depth into an event that often only occupies a few paragraphs (if that) in history books.  For those of us who aren't overly adept at weaving our own imaginary motion pictures of events, Victory makes things more "real."  But it doesn't measure up to what they accomplished with the previous installment, Valley Forge.  Valley Forge had me feeling the cold, the hunger, and the desperation of the troops and leaders as they fought for their independence.  Soldiers sacrificed absolutely everything for a cause, and did so in conditions that were deplorable.  Much of that is absent in Victory at Yorktown, and it turns the novel into a story based more on strategy and chance rather than one that captures the spirit of freedom.

Victory at Yorktown isn't a bad novel.  If I had read it as a stand-alone book, I probably would have thought it was pretty good.  But the bar was set quite high with Valley Forge, and I had a hard time avoiding the comparison.  

Now it's a matter of waiting to see what Gingrich and Forstchen tackle next...

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