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Using Amazon Locker As Your Delivery "P.O Box"...

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About a month or so ago, this big orange "thing" appeared in the 7-11 I normally frequent for my cold carbonated diet caffeine fixes.  After a little research, I found that they had installed an Amazon Locker.  What's an Amazon Locker, you may ask?

A picture named M2

Basically, it's like a post office box for your Amazon deliveries.  You add the Amazon Locker to your account as a delivery address, and you can then have things shipped there for pick-up.  This would be perfect for packages (within a reasonable size) that you have shipped to your house, but you're not around to pick them up right away.  It's a secured delivery point, and there's no chance of someone taking the package off your porch before you get it.

Since I work from home, I'm usually not all that concerned about packages being delivered here.  I'm around, I can generally hear the Fed-Ex/UPS/USPS van when it idles out front, and they don't sit on the front porch for very long.  But still... I get a lot of things from Amazon, and I'm a geek... I had to try this out.

I added "Ada" to my Amazon account, which is the name that's assigned to the Amazon Locker at the 7-11.  I bought something, selected that as my shipping address, and then waited.  A day later, I got the SMS notification (it also came via email) that my package had arrived, Ada had it, and it listed my pickup code:

A picture named M3

Cool... off to 7-11...

A picture named M4

Meet Ada...

A picture named M5

To "turn Ada on", just touch her screen...

A picture named M6

Enter the confirmation code...

A picture named M7

After a couple of seconds to confirm my code...

A picture named M8

Open Seseme!

A picture named M9

There's my package, delivered to Ada, and now mine.

A picture named M10

I'm impressed with how well this works.  It's not a "must use" feature for me for every package I order, but I can see definite benefits.  It's much safer without a doubt, I have a record that it was left at that specific location, and I could use this when I want to order something to keep as a surprise... like Christmas or birthday presents.  The lower lockers are a reasonable size, but I definitely wouldn't be ordering household appliances with shipment to Ada.  It may be that Amazon matches the package dimensions with the locker sizes at the time of the order, and then prevents shipment to a Locker if it won't fit.  I may have to test those limits at some point.  :)

If you have an Amazon Locker location close by (Ada definitely qualifies for me), I'd highly recommend adding it to your Amazon account's address book.  The Locker concept has a lot of benefits with (as far as I can see) no downsides.

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